Three Reasons I Started My Own Comic*

This week I officially launch my weekly, online comic Spoonville. I thought this month's blog posting would be a good opportunity to give you the low-down on my reasons for starting this creative endeavor. 

1. The Money

Let's face it - artists make a ton of money! I've heard it's the quickest and easiest way to bring in the moolah. I mean, why else would I spend so much time, energy, sweat and tears into my art...for the love of it? pppffft! Pa-leeeze. Soon I'll be trading in my commuter bike for a Porsche.

2. The Fame

I have my very own blog, so I'm pretty sure I'm on my way to world fame as we speak. Soon Spoonville will be the talk of the town! I'll get VIP treatment at all the fancy restaurants and I'll get paid like mega bucks to speak at public events (not to mention the red carpet treatment). I'll probably have to hire body guard to ward off all the crazy fans. Or maybe I should just learn Jiu-Jitsu ... anyways, these are some things I need to ponder over.

3. The Merchandising and Animation Opportunities

If Charles Schulz can do it, surely ANYONE can, right? It can't be that hard to scribble out a few drawings a week and have your own nationally syndicated comic strip with animated spin-offs. 

* Reasons listed maybe be slightly skewed from actual reasons. 

You can visit Spoonville on Facebook and Twitter.