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Anna Guillotte is an illustrator, designer, and writer living in San Diego, California. With a degree in graphic design, Anna has worked as a designer for over ten years. She began illustrating in 2010 when she attended a mentor program for artists in San Diego. Through this program she realized her true calling for storytelling.


Rady Children's Hospital

L.A. Times

Motovaded Magazine

Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut

Gordon Training International

Sonalysts, Inc.

International Congress for Joint Reconstruction

IDAL Mural Project


Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators NY Conference

Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators LA Conference

Pulse Gallery

Los Angles Municipal Gallery                                 

Escondido Municipal Gallery

Suture Gallery                           

Queen Bee’s Cultural Center

Thumbprint Gallery                                                       

The Center                          

Queen Bee’s Cultural Center                                   

Mabuno Gallery                                                           

Hive Haus                                                                       

University Heights Arts Open         

Center Framing and Art

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